Unless you want to produce a play where a group of people stumble on a dead body or the murder occurs off stage, theirs probably going to be a murder on stage for everyone to see. Or maybe, once the killer is cornered, he or she refuses to go down without a fight. Either way, there is some possibility of stage combat, however brief it might be.

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Despite the brevity, the rules for stage combat still need to be covered for the actors involved in murder mystery plays in cape coral; namely, the idea of comfort. Stage combat should be taught only by a qualified fight director, and everyone should be comfortable with the scene. The actors should know their limits when it comes to fight scenes, and what they will or won’t do.

The fight scene should be explained and treated like a dance, with the professionals preforming the scene before walking the actors through it step by step. Even something as simple as having the victim getting stabbed needs to be done in slow steps at first so the actors know where to step and what their reactions should be.

Once everyone is comfortable with the slow steps, then start speeding things up, until the scene goes seamlessly. Mistakes can be made, especially since murder scenes happen over the span of a few adrenaline filled seconds, so just reset and try again.

It’s important as an actor to voice your concerns and always speak to the fight director if you are either not sure about something or are uncomfortable. All the pre-scene jitters need to be out of the way before it’s time for the full performance, so voicing them beforehand is critical.

Stage combat doesn’t need to be stressful, it just requires communication, connection, and some extra work before you stage the perfect murder.