Bringing over bottles of wine for a party isn’t enough, not without some snacks to nibble on. Not only does it cleanse the palate, but it also allows for a wine tasting to be contrasted with the food. But what type of appetizers do you serve with so many wines and different tastings at wine tour events austin texas?

Well, a good cheese and cracker plate is always a must have, since most wines go with cheeses anyway. Try to get a mix of savory and sweeter cheeses, as well as a few different types of crackers. Most premade cheese plates will do this for you, or you can go to the cheese and cracker section of the store and start mixing and matching.

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Some meats, such as ham, will also be a good snack. Roll them up into little cylinders and your guests can hold onto them while sipping. Nuts and olives can also work well to add some kick to a stronger wine.

Other things like baked bread topped with various sauces and items can add a little crunch, just layer some bread with cheese and herbs, and you are good to go! Finally, you can’t ever go wrong with some fruit to add some sweetness.

Keep in mind you aren’t making a meal, but instead, some appetizers that might fill your guests up. Having a big table loaded with snack and finger food helps to keep the guests moving informally, while also letting chitchat and deeper talks about the wine commence as well. It’s amazing how well the party flows when there’s a table full of food in the center of the room.

Then just invite some guests, have them bring a bottle of wine, and then get sipping and tasting to your heart’s content.