Customizing your Hamburgers

While hamburgers on their own are pretty darn good, having a normal hamburger or cheeseburger with everything on it can get a little bland after a while. Keeping your taste buds excited and looking forward to that next big hamburger meal is no easy feat, and you’ll need to customize your burgers eventually. So how do you keep a hamburger exciting?

jalapeno burger

Well, first you can stuff them! This often requires the hamburgers to be made by you, but as you are rolling the ground beef into the patties, add whatever tickles your fancy to the mix. This can be cheese, onions, peppers, extra spices – its completely up to you, but by adding mixes and extra ingredients to the burger meat itself and not putting them on the top, it’ll be a surprise the next time you bite into the meat and remember you’ve made a jalapeno burger.

You can also use different types of meat. Many people make hamburgers out of chicken, turkey meat, and even some burgers out of buffalo. Most of the preparation works the same way, as the ground meat will still need to be formed into patties and shaped, and it’s a different texture all together. Some meats are even healthier or have fewer calories than the lean beef used in most hamburgers. If you are someone who eats hamburgers quite often, then you might need to change up your meats every so often!

Finally, experiment with different buns and toppings. People wrap their burgers in lettuce, pita bread, toast, and even do a bunless version! They also make Hawaiian, Mexican, Asian, and other versions of their hamburgers with different toppings and spices. Experiment and see what sounds good to you, and your taste buds will thank you for it!

Eventually, you’ll find the best burger for you, after some delicious trial and error!